Winter in Cedar Rapids 2014

The idea of going out and taking pictures of the snow seemed like a good idea, before we actually did it. My Boyfriend and I decided to go out in the snow Saturday to take a few pictures of …well….Winter in Cedar Rapids. I must say that this is the coldest Winter I’ve experienced in my 25.5 years of life. With sub zero temperatures and steady snow throughout. But anywhoo…I will stop writing now, and just share the pictures with you guys.

DSC_0004DSC_0005DSC_0006DSC_0011DSC_0012DSC_0017DSC_0015DSC_0021 DSC_0007

LOL I do not look happy in this picture.


My Travels to Nice France 2011

port de monoco

nice france 7

nice france 6

nice france 5

nice france 4

nice france 3 - Copy

Nice france 2 - Copy

nice france 1 - Copy


Old Pictures but I figured I’d share photos from my first experience abroad.

Vegetarian for 30 Days

So…one of my sorority sisters started a 30 day vegetarian challenge February 1st. My first thought was, “wow that’s ambitious”. My second thought was, “Hmmmm. Maybe I can give it a shot”. My third thought was, “I’ve never finished any 30 day challenge I’ve started. EVER”. Squat challenge. Ab challenge. 52 week financial challenge. I’ve failed at all of them. What will make this one any different? It’s a mental thing. At least, that’s what I’ve heard countless times from countless people. Well I’ve decided to give this one a shot. Day 1 meat free. We shall see. Thinking positive thoughts.

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