January 2015 Movie Preview

Relatively Entertaining

E: I have to be honest: it will be a minor miracle if I see anything this month that actually officially opens in January.  It’s all Oscar for me, this month and next.  Why bother with this slate’s trifling offerings when there’s so much fantastic stuff out there that opened in December and November?

M: I’m unlikely to get to the theater in any given month, but yeah, with things I want to see (Selma, Theory of Everything) and things I feel like I should see (Hobbit, Mockingjay), this month’s openings might not make the list.

C: I mostly agree — heck, like M I’m still hoping to catch some stuff that came out in November, like The Theory of Everything — but it sounds like a few December movies aren’t as urgent as I thought they’d be. Based on the reviews, for instance, Unbroken could…

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K. Michelle- Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart

I want to start off by saying that this album definitely exceeds my expectations for an R&B album. Especially since we’ve heard our fair share of watered down R&B tunes lately. It’s refreshing to hear material from R&B artists other than Beyonce’. (No offense to Beyonce’.) Anyways, K.Michelle openly shares a different aspect of her love life with every track of her sophomore album “Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart”. She shows her fans that she is a human being and has feelings like the rest of us. A more vulnerable K.Michelle than what we are all used to from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. A number of us have experienced similar issues in our love lives, be it falling in love with someone that doesn’t share those same feelings, to wanting to be with someone you can’t have, to wanting to inflict the same pain on another as they have done to you. The albums’ production, and content surpass it’s predecessor and K.Michelle’s vocals are amazing. This album speaks volumes and I encourage you all to give it a listen if you haven’t already. I guarantee that one or more of the tracks will resonate with you.


One of my closest friends inspired me to create a vision board to bring in the new year. So I did :). 2014 was quite the experience and though I am blessed to have survived the year, there are a few aspects I’d rather not repeat. Financial instability, emotional imbalance, negativity, and the list goes on. My vision board is just a combination of all things I would like to work on in 2015. Most vision boards are collages with pictures and magazine clippings but I decided to use materials I already had in my home (cutting frivolous spending :)). My theme for 2015 is “HEALTH: Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Financial”. I won’t go into too much detail since the picture tells it all. But I will say that I plan to do better for myself this year. Wish me luck everyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Vision Board 2015

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