Still Vegetarian Post 30 Day Vegetarian Challenge!!

It was mid January 2014 when a close friend of mine challenged a group of us to a vegetarian 30 day challenge (see older post). We were start on the day after Super Bowl. Of course, like any other person would do, I indulged in spicy chicken wings and pepperoni pizza during super bowl and lots of it. I had the idea that if I wasn’t going to eat meat for 30 days I might as well enjoy it, right! Well the challenge began the day after Super Bowl and I didn’t know what to eat! I went to the grocery store and purchased every frozen vegetable known to man. Needless to say, after a week I was having crazy cravings and was really tired. This was due to the fact that I just did not know how to cook well balanced vegetarian meals. My diet was lacking healthy fats and protein. So I started to incorporate beans and eggs into my meals more often and I started to feel better. But then I started having issues deciding what to eat at restaurants!!! I remember thinking to myself, “ALL I HAVE TO PICK FROM IS BROCCOLI AND SALAD!!!! AHHHHHH”, and I almost always chose French fries and some kind of cheesy pasta. I know I know…not healthy but if I couldn’t have a burger, cheesy pasta and fries had to do, right? WRONG!!! I eventually figured out that I was just going to the wrong restaurants. So after some trial and error, I found a few restaurants that met my needs. The 30 day Vegetarian Challenge was the first “challenge” I’ve ever completed. But after completing the challenge I found that not only did I test my discipline that I did something beneficial to my health. Now if I can reduce my intake of artificial sugars and cheese I’d be on the money.

A Few Assumptions I’ve heard as a result of telling people that I decided to go vegetarian:

Religious Reasons

I joined PETA ( not that it’s a bad organization I actually think it’s pretty awesome)

Trying to Lose Weight

No People I just did it because I was challenged and ultimately decided to stick with it.

What Resulted from this challenge:

I stuck with it. I celebrated my one year anniversary as a Vegetarian on February 2 2015

I actually gained weight due to not knowing how to prepare balanced meals and making a lot bad food choices (fries, and cheesy stuff….sigh). I highly recommend talking with your doctor and a registered Dietitian/Nutritionist if you are considering becoming vegetarian.

I actually started paying more attention to PETA and various other animal cruelty videos/documentaries and have become more conscious as a result. (Granted those documentaries usually document the worst of the worse. The practices highlighted in do not occur at all facilities)

Started to explore different fruits,vegetables, and sources of protein than I would’ve if I continued consuming meat.

Improved hair, skin, nails!!!

Increased motivation to cook. I was not much of a cook before becoming vegetarian. Now I have tons of recipe books and some cool kitchen gadgets!!!!

Improved Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Triglycerides readings during my bio-metric screening.

Reduced “Lady” issues.

In Summary My 30 day Challenge turned out to be a lifestyle change.

NOTE: That the content of this post, only applies to my experiences in becoming vegetarian. If you have any questions I encourage you to contact your doctor or nutritionist.


2 thoughts on “Still Vegetarian Post 30 Day Vegetarian Challenge!!

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  1. It was a process. My relationship with food has grown immensely I’m more open to try different foods. I guess that happens when you take away your favorite “go tos”. All fast food choices pretty much were eliminated except subway and chipotle. So you can imagine that I was forced to try new things. 🙂

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