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I started this blog about 2 years ago with the main objective to share little bits of everything. However, I have let life get in the way. As we all do at times in our lives. It’s especially important that we do not let obligations and “things” get in the way of doing things we want to do. So with that being said, I plan to dedicate at least one hour a week to this blog. I am not completely sure what my goals are for this blog. But I do know that I started it for a reason.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! See you all next week.


Still Vegetarian Post 30 Day Vegetarian Challenge!!

It was mid January 2014 when a close friend of mine challenged a group of us to a vegetarian 30 day challenge (see older post). We were start on the day after Super Bowl. Of course, like any other person would do, I indulged in spicy chicken wings and pepperoni pizza during super bowl and lots of it. I had the idea that if I wasn’t going to eat meat for 30 days I might as well enjoy it, right! Well the challenge began the day after Super Bowl and I didn’t know what to eat! I went to the grocery store and purchased every frozen vegetable known to man. Needless to say, after a week I was having crazy cravings and was really tired. This was due to the fact that I just did not know how to cook well balanced vegetarian meals. My diet was lacking healthy fats and protein. So I started to incorporate beans and eggs into my meals more often and I started to feel better. But then I started having issues deciding what to eat at restaurants!!! I remember thinking to myself, “ALL I HAVE TO PICK FROM IS BROCCOLI AND SALAD!!!! AHHHHHH”, and I almost always chose French fries and some kind of cheesy pasta. I know I know…not healthy but if I couldn’t have a burger, cheesy pasta and fries had to do, right? WRONG!!! I eventually figured out that I was just going to the wrong restaurants. So after some trial and error, I found a few restaurants that met my needs. The 30 day Vegetarian Challenge was the first “challenge” I’ve ever completed. But after completing the challenge I found that not only did I test my discipline that I did something beneficial to my health. Now if I can reduce my intake of artificial sugars and cheese I’d be on the money.

A Few Assumptions I’ve heard as a result of telling people that I decided to go vegetarian:

Religious Reasons

I joined PETA ( not that it’s a bad organization I actually think it’s pretty awesome)

Trying to Lose Weight

No People I just did it because I was challenged and ultimately decided to stick with it.

What Resulted from this challenge:

I stuck with it. I celebrated my one year anniversary as a Vegetarian on February 2 2015

I actually gained weight due to not knowing how to prepare balanced meals and making a lot bad food choices (fries, and cheesy stuff….sigh). I highly recommend talking with your doctor and a registered Dietitian/Nutritionist if you are considering becoming vegetarian.

I actually started paying more attention to PETA and various other animal cruelty videos/documentaries and have become more conscious as a result. (Granted those documentaries usually document the worst of the worse. The practices highlighted in do not occur at all facilities)

Started to explore different fruits,vegetables, and sources of protein than I would’ve if I continued consuming meat.

Improved hair, skin, nails!!!

Increased motivation to cook. I was not much of a cook before becoming vegetarian. Now I have tons of recipe books and some cool kitchen gadgets!!!!

Improved Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Triglycerides readings during my bio-metric screening.

Reduced “Lady” issues.

In Summary My 30 day Challenge turned out to be a lifestyle change.

NOTE: That the content of this post, only applies to my experiences in becoming vegetarian. If you have any questions I encourage you to contact your doctor or nutritionist.

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