the life uninterrupted
Cedar Rapids Iowa

Bio: I am a planner, not professionally, but by nature. Every move I have made until this point has had some well-defined end goal and a timeline. But the journey of life is ongoing. There are ups, downs, shortcuts, long detours, and sometimes dead ends. Living my life according to plan has left very little time to enjoy and appreciate the moment, the present, and its experiences. I am starting this blog as an outlet to capture life as it is in the present and as an acknowledgment that my life is more than the confines of strict goals and schedules. This blog is not dedicated to a specific audience or topic. Instead this will be a free space to express all things relevant to my present. I hope that this blog inspires you to acknowledge the aspects of you that you aren’t paying due attention and helps you journey toward embracing all of yourself in the present.

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for the like on my poem – know? at OM’s. I like the Montreal shots. I’d love to know if you find anything useful out of my recent series How to Succeed as a Blogger.

    Cheerleading your way,

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